Dark election day in Central African Republic

Today, 27DEC2020, it’s elections day in the Central African Republic (CAR). Unfortunately, yesterday, armed terrorist groups launched attacks targeting the Central African defense and security forces and United Nations peacekeepers in Dékoa (Kémo prefecture ), and in Bakouma (Mbomou prefecture). As a result, three (3) Burundi peacekeepers lost their lives on the line of duty.

Several members of the CAR Defense and Security Forces were also killed in this outrageous attack, was  perpetrated by the so called” Coalition of Patriots for Change” (CPC), which, in close coordination with former President François Bozizé, is trying to prevent the holding of peaceful elections on Sunday, December 27, causing the forced displacement of populations.

We honor the 3 blue helmets that have fallen in the line of duty; they shall not be forgotten.

Publicado por Paulo Gonçalves

Retired Colonel from the Portuguese Air Force

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